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Goodgame Empire hack

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Goodgame Empire crack for free

Goodgame Empire is a flash-based strategy game where you role play as a lord in the medieval castle, train soldiers, build a great empire and conquer other new territories.

Empire incorporates a very intriguing economic system. In order to recruit soldier, you have to build dwellings for collecting taxes.

You can buy with rubies fragment of relics , wandering knights, knights undercover.

You can also use rubies to swap them with other resources: coins, wood, stone or food in merchant camp.

Also you can use rubies to buy upgrade your buildings faster, to have your premium offensive or defensive tools and become stronger in order to map Goodgame Empire.

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Goodgame Empire hackGoodgame Empire hack for MacOS

Players begin as a lord of a castle, taking charge of a small fortress that can eventually be upgraded into the captial of the kingdom. Players will assmebled armies to defend their castle and to help expand their terroritory. Players can extend economic systems to help support the production of new technology, buildings, and troops. Players can form alliances with other players, or wage war against other players.

Players will accumulate resources such as wood, stone, and food over time and can spend these materials building new strctures, and feeding their population and armor.

Outposts have been newly introduced, that consist of mini-castles that can be captured or built from scratch.

Goodgame Empire Defenders Guide – The Art of Preparation

Now the first thing you must ask yourself, “Am I providing my units with the defensive support they need?” What I mean by this question is, “Are you creating adequate amounts of defensive tools? Are you pumping out flaming arrows, and reinforced gates each time you log on?” No matter if your defensive army is roughly the size of the attacking army or larger, tools play an essential part in the way the battle is calculated. Tools allow defensive units to be buffed and ready for the onslaught at hand. You want to maintain a high balance of these tools at all times. I myself, usually try to equip at least 20-25 defensive tools per slot at all times. You never know when things can get tight and you need to support your troops in battle. You could go to war at anytime and some tools , i.e. wooden spikes, take well over an hour to complete.

Quick tip: Get into the habit of creating tools each day prior to logging off. Quick tip: Unless you buy rubies, NEVER spend rubies on tools.

Once we get past the initial lack of tools, we can move into another area of importance.

Goodgame Empire Defenders Guide – Selecting Unit Type

For some of you this comes natural, you understand the difference between offensive and defensive units. However, there have been instances where I was attack by an army of Longbow and Halberdier. I felt sad for the poor guy army. Despite the inevitable defeat, he learned a valuable lesson that day, attack with offensive units and defend with defensive.units. Now keep in mind there are a few hibrate units used earlier in the game but for the most part, the default defensive units are as followed:

  • Spearman
  • Bowman
  • Archers
  • Swordsman (Hiberate unit)
  • Halberdier
  • Longbowman

*I didn’t add any special type units to this guide

Quick tip: Unless you are early in the game, swordsman are really irrelevant as spearman have more defensive power than these units and macemen have more attack power. They are more so to be used when your in the in between stages of the game as they provide both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Today I will be sharing with you a few things I’ve learned on my journey to becoming King of my empire.

1. Do not attack any real person before your protection mode fades.
Take the entire 7 days to develop your castle and army. You will have plenty of time to attack people but ensuring you have a solid foundation is a must. Protection mode allows you to develop your castle and not worry about higher level players attacking you before you are ready.

2. Do NOT waste rubies early on in the game to complete buildings, buy tools, purchase slots or anything. 
The first purchase you should make with your rubies should be a bakery in your main castle. Food is one of your most valuable assets in this game and the more food you can produce, the larger your army can become. With a bakery, food consumption is reduced thus having the same effect as increasing food production.

3. Do not rush to level!
Take your time and let your castle develop properly. Preparation earlier in the game will help ensure your success in the game.

4. At level 7, create all three taverns.
being as this is a war game, gaining intel on prospective targets is key in preparation for the attack. You can create a maximum of 3 taverns and I suggest you create them as soon as possible.

5. Always be attacking something.
When you are fresh to the game and coin collection is sub 500 coin / 10 minutes, attacking robber baron castles will be a main source of income.If you have commander available to leader your troops, you should send them out. Even if you only have a few offensive units, there are bound to be robber baron castles level 1-5 somewhere on your world map.

6. Always send spies before attacking another players castle.
Always send spies before attacking another players castle as you never know what may be in store when you hit their castle. Just because a castle looks deserted, or is completely covered in flames, it may be home to 100’s of troops.

7. Always create the best offensive / defensive units that you can make.
Even though there are multiple units available for creation, always create the strongest unit type you have.

8. Attack robber baron castles level 3 and higher for a chance to loot rubies.

9. If you see an outpost who’s main castle is in ruins, attack it for resources
If you see an outpost who’s main castle is in ruins, attack it for resources as you will not have to worry about retaliation from the owner of the outpost. If the outpost looks nice, you may even be able to capture it and keep the current development on it rather than starting from scratch.

10. Look for 8:2 food outpost to capture
Look for 8:2 food outpost as they are the best to substain a large army. This is a war based game and the more troops you can feed, the more successful you will become.

11. Plan accordingly when going offline. 
 If you are going offline for awhile, send your offensive units off to attack some robber baron castles far away. If you are attacked while offline, your offensive units will be safe as they are on their own campaign. I would rather lose a few units attacking robber baron castles than losing my entire offensive army to a surprise enemy attack while I’m sleep.

12. Build guardhouses! Create enough guardhouses to keep spies out! I can’t stress this enough. An enemy is more inclined to attack someone they can gain intel on rather rather than sending their units off into the unknown to meet their doom.

13. When attacking, send tools. 
Always and I mean always send tools when attacking. You want to at least send enough tools to cancel out the defenders defense bonus. I usually send 2-3 waves of tools depending on my spy report.

Guide to rubies!

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